Month: August 2019

(71) Harmony in Creation as a Divine Activity

Last time we learned that the concepts of Divine absence and Divine presence were formed at the dawn of Creation. But how can two absolute opposites coexist? Join David and Scott to discover depths in Genesis you never before imagined.

(70) The Great Contradiction in Creation

Darkness. Water. The Spirit of G-d. What do these enigmatic terms really mean? Join David and Scott for a deep dive into the spiritual reality that underlies the second verse of Genesis.

(69) Water, Darkness, the Spirit of G-d: Three Ingredients of Creation

When G-d created the world, three “elements” appear to be present before anything else: water, darkness, and the spirit of G-d. Are these the ingredients of future creation?

(68) The Five Translations of Genesis 1:2

David and Scott finally reach the goal of their discussion of the first verses of Genesis: namely, translating the second verse of the Bible. But David offers five different potential translations – including one that Christians find compelling, and Jews do not accept. Listen in to find out more.

(67) Chaos. Void. Darkness. Depths. Is G-d Present?

Genesis 1:2 tells us that before G-d created light, there was seemingly unending chaos and darkness. How can G-d be found there – and what message does this provide for us today?

(66) The Creation of Ideas

David and Scott disagree about what was created first: heaven and earth, or light. But they both are puzzled by the appearance of “darkness.” If it’s there, G-d must have created it; but if darkness is merely the absence of light, how can it be a created entity? Listen to this episode of Morning Drive Bible and discover a revolutionary new approach to the meaning of creation itself.

(65) Genesis 1:1 and the Name of G-d

The Bible uses numerous names of G-d; why is the name associated with Divine power and judgment used in the first verse of Genesis? And what does that tell us about the way we are supposed to relate to Him?

(64) The Language of Heaven, The Language of Angels, The Language of Shabbat

David and Scott suggested that there is a language of heaven distinct from the language of earth; but what is this language, exactly? Can we know? Shabbat might give us a clue.

(63) The Creation of Language

In our last episode, David and Scott offered a radical – yet traditional – understanding of the first three words of the Bible. But how does that jive with the rest of the verse? Listen in and discover the answer, along with a fascinating new way of understanding the purpose of language.

(62) In the Beginning He Created G-d?!?

Is G-d “created”? The answer is obviously no… or so you would think. But on this episode of Morning Drive Bible, David and Scott offer a radical yet traditional understanding that may upend your entire idea of the divine.