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(128) Jesus IS a Jew or Jesus WAS a Jew: An Approach to Fighting Antisemitism

Do Christians believe that Jesus was a Jew, or that Jesus is a Jew? The difference is more than semantics, and might provide an opening to help people of good will combat antisemitism. Join David and Scott for a crucial discussion about what you can do to help the Jewish people.        ...

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(127) Antisemitism in America – Left and Right

Antisemitism isn’t a disease of either side of the aisle; no matter your political persuasion, you can find it on your side. Join David and Scott for a disturbing yet important discussion about the latest antisemitic attacks in New York.

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(126) Progressive Values Gone Crazy

Progressive values can be beautiful and moral; however, there are some people who, in their zeal for progressivism, create moral equivalencies which are outrageous. Join David and Scott in a further discussion about antisemitism and the reactions to Trump’s strike against Qassam Soleimani.

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(125) Qassam Soleimani, Antisemitism, and the Threat to Israel

The American strike against Qassam Soleimani was a strike against a terrorist mastermind with the blood of thousands on his hands. But what does the world’s reaction to it tell us about antisemitism?And is Israel in danger? Join David and Scott for an important discussion.

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MORNING DRIVE BIBLE CLASSIC: In the Beginning… or Not?

“In the Beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth.” It’s perhaps the simplest verse in the Bible – and David and Scott are already arguing over the correct translation. Join them for an eye-opening episode!

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David and Scott begin an investigation of the Spirit of G-d mentioned in the second verse of the Bible… after first discussing another modern miracle taking place in the State of Israel.

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(124) The Importance of Humility

As we conclude our journey through the five verses of repentance, David explains why “walking humbly with G-d” is a key component of return.

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(123) Combatting Moral Relativism

The verse in Proverbs 3:6 states, “Know Him in all your ways.” David and Scott explain how this is an important ingredient in the fight against moral relativism.

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(122) Loving Your Neighbor as a Key to Repentance

David continues his explication of the five verses that present the keys to repentance with “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s a very important idea, but how is it related to our return to G-d?

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(121) The New Creation of Me

“I place the Lord before me always” – a beautiful sentiment. But why is it a key idea in repentance? And what does it teach me about the possibility of gaining confidence in myself?

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