(000) Morning Drive Bible PREMIERE EPISODE

Join David Nekrutman and Scott Kahn in Jerusalem for the very first episode of MORNING DRIVE BIBLE – the Monday-Thursday podcast that gives you a daily dose of Biblical wisdom that combines depth, scholarship, and entertainment. And coffee. Seriously, what could be a better way to start your day?

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(1) The Secret of a Good Marriage

What’s the secret to having a good marriage? Join David and Scott for an investigation into how Scripture sees the joining of two souls together.

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(2) Is a Good Marriage Even Possible?

People are different; joining together in marriage seems to be illogical.  Is a good marriage even possible? Can two people actually create something meaningful together? 

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(3) Withdrawing the Me to Create a We

The first model of marriage in the Bible is NOT Adam and Eve; it’s God and the World. What can we learn about marriage from His relationship with us?

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(4) A Marriage Should be Based on… Nothing?

The best marriages are based on Nothing rather than on Something – and note the capital letter N. See how Nothing is related to the new hashtag #YouILove (great T-shirt idea, by the way). Confused? Let David and Scott sort it out for you.

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(5) The Four Types of Generosity

After learning that You I Love – not I Love You – helps the me become a we, David and Scott offer the first of the three essential components of a good marriage. 

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