(6) Generosity, Dignity, and Sanctity

Our last episode discussed the four types of generosity. In today’s Morning Drive Bible, David and Scott talk about the need for a Biblical marriage to have both dignity and sanctity, so that G-d Himself becomes the third partner in the marriage.

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(7) Tu BishWHAT?!

Did you know that there is a Rosh Hashanah… just for trees? Join David and Scott for a discussion of the Jewish sources and mystical connotations of Tu Bishvat, and its relationship to the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

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(8) The Holy Spirit and the Book of Esther

Jews believe in the Holy Spirit? Indeed, they do, and the Book of Esther exemplifies this in several ways. Listen to David and Scott begin to tease out the connection between Ruach HoKodesh (the Holy Spirit) and this enigmatic book of the Bible.

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(9) Does Esther Belong in ANYONE’S Bible?!?

Martin Luther wanted to remove the Book of Esther from the Christian Bible… but that was just the latest episode in a history of rejection of Esther. Why did so many find it so objectionable? And what does David make of the fascinating reality that Esther 4:14 has become a central verse in Christian Zionism?...

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(10) A Nice Idea with a Mediocre Proof

Finally – finally! – David gets around to proving that the Book of Esther was written with the Holy Spirit. The only problem is that Scott says that his proof leaves a lot to be desired. Who’s right – and will Matt Damon appear on Jimmy Kimmel this time? (Don’t ask; just listen and you’ll...

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(11) Another (Disappointing) Proof

Yesterday, Scott rejected David’s attempted proof that Esther was written with the Holy Spirit. Today, David gives it another shot – and Scott “Columbo” Kahn rejects it once again. Two strikes and you’re out? Listen up and find out.

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