(17) The Four Roles of the Holy Spirit

In our last episode, David and Scott demonstrated that the Holy Spirit can introduce radical new ideas into the world. Today, they summarize that and the other three functions of ruach hakodesh – the Holy Spirit – as we see them in the Book of Esther. Listen as David hits it out of the park in the latest Morning Drive Bible.

(13) Declassifying the Divine FBI File

David and Scott have been looking for proof that the Book of Esther was written with the Holy Spirit – but what would that even mean? Is access to the Holy Spirit equivalent to knowing the future, or is there an additional definition? 

(8) The Holy Spirit and the Book of Esther

Jews believe in the Holy Spirit? Indeed, they do, and the Book of Esther exemplifies this in several ways. Listen to David and Scott begin to tease out the connection between Ruach HoKodesh (the Holy Spirit) and this enigmatic book of the Bible.