Month: July 2019

(54) Different Schools of Prophecy, Different Messages

Eldad and Medad received their prophetic inspiration from Moses, and yet their prophecy apparently cast doubts upon Moses’ leadership. Join David and Scott for a discussion about the strength of the individual spirit within a standardized normative structure, and the need for prophets to get people back on the right track – even if it means disagreeing with the leaders of the religious community.

(53) A Rejected Leader’s Lesson in Humility

So many ambiguities, so little time. Who is the “na’ar” – the young man or lad – referenced in Numbers 11, who reports the unknown prophecy of Eldad and Medad to Moses? Why does Joshua intervene? And what does Moses’ response teach us about his greatness, despite the people’s apparent rejection of his leadership?

(52) The Slow Downfall of Moses’ Leadership

We have seen that the prophecy of Eldad and Medad in Numbers 11 caused tremendous consternation… but we have no idea of what they actually said. David and Scott offer one possibility, based on traditional exegesis, which also helps explain the episode in the larger context of the Book of Numbers.

(51) Unpacking Ambiguity After Ambiguity

Some verses are easier to understand than others, but Numbers 11:26-29 present enigma, ambiguity, and mystery. What is going on, and what does it have to do with the Holy Spirit? Join David and Scott to find out more.

(50) Management Versus Leadership

Moses was overwhelmed in Exodus 18, and adopted Jethro’s solution of having subsidiary courts. Moses was overwhelmed in Numbers 11, and G-d provides him with 70 elders who will help him bear the burden of leadership. What’s the difference between the two situations and the two solutions?

(49) What’s the Manna with Eldad and Medad?

In Numbers 11, the Children of Israel complain about their menu options… and in the middle of the narrative, Moses appoints 70 elders to help him lead the people… and in the middle of THAT narrative, two individuals suddenly start prophesying in some mysterious way not fully explicated in the text. What is going on???

(48) Abortion, Jewish Thought, and American Law: A Summary

After thirteen episodes in which they hammered out the main issues dividing the pro-life and pro-choice positions within Jewish tradition, David and Scott summarize their conclusions in this important episode of Morning Drive Bible.

(47) Must Jewish People Protest Abortion?

If Jewish law prohibits “placing a stumbling block before the blind” – that is, aiding and abetting prohibited activity – does this mean that Jewish people should actively protest pro abortion laws in the United States?

(46) Abortion: A Stumbling Block Before the Blind?

David adds a new wrinkle in the newest Morning Drive Bible discussion of abortion: apart from the legal question itself, should a Jewish person who is pro-life actively protest abortions? And would that be a Biblical mandate?

(45) Abortion, Respectful Dialogue, and Separation of Church and State in Israel

Should Jewish law be definitive in determining the law in Israel, particularly as it relates to abortion? Join David and Scott for a respectful dialogue (and a discussion of that very respectful dialogue) as Morning Drive Bible continues its series on the serious and polarizing topic of abortion.