(48) Abortion, Jewish Thought, and American Law: A Summary

After thirteen episodes in which they hammered out the main issues dividing the pro-life and pro-choice positions within Jewish tradition, David and Scott summarize their conclusions in this important episode of Morning Drive Bible.

(47) Must Jewish People Protest Abortion?

If Jewish law prohibits “placing a stumbling block before the blind” – that is, aiding and abetting prohibited activity – does this mean that Jewish people should actively protest pro abortion laws in the United States?

(46) Abortion: A Stumbling Block Before the Blind?

David adds a new wrinkle in the newest Morning Drive Bible discussion of abortion: apart from the legal question itself, should a Jewish person who is pro-life actively protest abortions? And would that be a Biblical mandate?

(45) Abortion, Respectful Dialogue, and Separation of Church and State in Israel

Should Jewish law be definitive in determining the law in Israel, particularly as it relates to abortion? Join David and Scott for a respectful dialogue (and a discussion of that very respectful dialogue) as Morning Drive Bible continues its series on the serious and polarizing topic of abortion.

(44) A Pro-Choice Argument AGAINST Roe V. Wade

Unlike other headlines in 1973 in reporting the Supreme Court’s historic decision in allowing abortion during the first trimester, the L.A. Times chose the words “Mother Knows Best.” To be a mother means the fetus is a not a thing but a human being…a baby. Since then 60 million babies have been aborted. Most of them categorized as “drive by abortions.” What role does the Federal government have in this issues from a faith perspective? Join Scott and David in the most controversial episode to date.

(43) Defining “Life Threatening” Broadly

While Jewish law certainly doesn’t give carte blanche in terms of permitting abortion, there are some authorities who define “saving the mother’s life” – which is a reason to allow abortion – in a broad manner. Listen to David and Scott continue their important discussion about abortion on today’s Morning Drive Bible.

(42) Is a Fetus a “Life”?

Some Jewish sources seem to imply that a fetus is a life; others that it’s part of the mother’s body. Are these sources all disagreeing with each other, or do they together offer a nuanced and complex understanding of the nature of an unborn child?

(41) Violating the Sabbath to Save a Fetus

The laws of the Sabbath are very strict, but a classic tenet is that one can violate those laws in order to save a life. Moreover, Jewish law allows us to save a fetus on the Sabbath even if the mother’s life is not in danger. Does that mean that a fetus is a full human being?

(40) Capital Punishment and a Lesson About Abortion

As Morning Drive Bible continues its discussion about abortion, Scott offers a Talmudic source that seems to indicate that a fetus in its mother’s womb is a part of the mother’s body, not an independent person. Does this mean that Jewish law is pro-choice?

(39) Abortion, Manslaugher, and Murder

As they further dissect Exodus 21:22-23, David and Scott discover an important distinction between manslaughter and murder. What impact does this have upon our discussion of abortion?