(38) “Yet No Harm Follow”: The Argument that a Fetus is Less Human than its Mother

Exodus 21:22-23 offers a very different take from that which we saw yesterday: namely, that a fetus is treated as something far less than a full human being. Join David and Scott for our continuing discussion about abortion, Jewish law, and modern legislation.

(37) Is a Fetus a Human Being?

The New York Daily News reported last month of a 20-weeks old fetus found inside a bag on a Brooklyn street. It was given a name, Monica, and a proper funeral, where 6 NYPD officers acted as pallbearers at the service. Is a fetus is part of its mother, or an independent human being? This discussion depends upon the reading of a specific verse in Genesis. But if we determine that a fetus is a full human being, why would abortion ever be permitted, even in order to save the mother’s life? Join David and Scott for another timely discussion of abortion and Jewish thought.

Photo Credit: Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News

(36) A Person in a Person

Does Genesis 9:6 indicate that abortion is not only murder, but a capital crime – or is it speaking about something completely different? Join David and Scott for the continuation of their timely and important examination of the Jewish view on abortion.

(35) Abortion, Jewish Law, and the State of Israel

One of the most sensitive issues on the political landscape today is the issue of abortion. But what does Jewish law have to say about the topic? It’s complicated, and David and Scott disagree about how the broad and complex Jewish approach to abortion should be manifest in U.S. and Israeli law. Listen to today’s Morning Drive Bible for the beginnings of our discussion about this crucial topic.