Month: November 2019

(114) Thanksgiving: Thanking G-d for America

David and Scott offer a history lesson about Thanksgiving, and explain why all people of faith should be grateful to G-d for the gift of America.


(113) Chaos in Israel and the World… Leading to the Final Redemption?

New elections – again – in Israel, and a prime minister under threat of indictment. Impeachment hearings in the United States. Brexit throwing the United Kingdom into turmoil. The whole world feels enveloped in chaos. While every country is involved in its own problems, what is G-d’s plan?

(112) The Covenant Versus the Bank Account

On the one hand, Jewish tradition says that the merit of the forefathers was used up during the First Temple period; on the other hand, our ancestors are mentioned to this day in Jewish liturgy, and we see their merit hinted at in the Bible even after the First Temple’s destruction. Join David and Scott for an enlightening explanation of this dichotomy that is relevant to our own understanding of G-d’s place in our lives.

(111) Can the Merit of the Forefathers Run Out? It’s a Complicated Question

There is an ancient Jewish tradition that claims that the merit of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can be used up – and, in fact, was used up many years ago. Yet Jewish liturgy constantly invokes the merit of the fathers, as well. What’s going on?

(110) Fire, Sword and Exile – and the Antidote

How exactly does the merit of the forefathers mitigate the divine punishments of fire, sword, and exile? Join David and Scott to learn about “zechut avot” – the merit of the fathers.

(109) The Spiritual Merit of Isaac

Each of the ancestors of the Jewish People contributed something unique to the Jewish story and the Israelite DNA. What was the specific merit that came from Isaac?

(108) The Spiritual DNA of the Jewish People

According to an ancient tradition, Abraham was thrown into a fiery furnace because of his faith – yet he survived. How did this moment forever affect the future of the People of Israel?

(107) The Merit of the Fathers Affects the World

Moses’ fourth argument after the sin of the golden calf is that G-d should remember the merit of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. What, exactly, is this merit, and whom does it affect? Plus: the importance of wearing seat belts, and the real-life reality of the rewind button.

(106) Prayer Versus Argument: A Meaningful Distinction or Just Semantics?

David – with great humility – agrees with Scott’s point that Moses’ third argument was actually a prayer after all; meanwhile, Scott backtracks and claims that there’s no difference between an argument and a prayer, anyway. Join the discussion and let us know what you think!

(105) “Turn Away From Your Anger”: An Argument or a Prayer?

When Moses asks G-d to “Turn Away from Your Anger, and Repent of the Evil Plan Against Your People,” is this an argument or a prayer? Join David and Scott as they hash out this Scriptural question.