Month: August 2019

(61) What’s the Point of Genesis, Anyway?

Although we can learn philosophy from the Torah, it is not a philosophical book; instead, it is a guide for living. In that case, what is the story of creation doing there in the first place?

(60) In the Beginning… or Not?

“In the Beginning G-d created the heavens and the earth.” It’s perhaps the simplest verse in the Bible – and David and Scott are already arguing over the correct translation. Join them for an eye-opening episode!

(59) Water from the Air

David and Scott begin an investigation of the Spirit of G-d mentioned in the second verse of the Bible… after first discussing another modern miracle taking place in the State of Israel.

(58) The Holy Spirit on Steroids

The Holy Spirit may be experienced without prophecy, but prophecy requires the Holy Spirit. Join David and Scott for their final look at the Eldad and Meidad narrative, and their discussion of whether the Holy Spirit still can be found today.

(57) Was Moses Supposed to be the Messiah?

When David and Scott investigate why the End of Days is hinted at in the Book of Numbers, they discover that history could have turned out very differently – and that most of the Bible might have been omitted altogether. Find out why on a fascinating episode of Morning Drive Bible.

(56) The Mysterious and Missing Book of Eldad and Medad

Was there once a book of the prophecies of Eldad and Medad… and might the text in Numbers 11 even hint to it? Join David and Scott to find out!

(55) The End of Days Referenced in Numbers 11?

Did Eldad and Medad prophesy about the war of Gog and Magog, and the End of Days? Where is this possibility alluded to in the Bible? Join David and Scott for a fascinating “left turn” away from the previous interpretations of Numbers 11, into a discussion of eschatology and the Messianic Era.