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(7) Tu BishWHAT?!

Did you know that there is a Rosh Hashanah… just for trees? Join David and Scott for a discussion of the Jewish sources and mystical connotations of Tu Bishvat, and its relationship to the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.

(6) Generosity, Dignity, and Sanctity

Our last episode discussed the four types of generosity. In today’s Morning Drive Bible, David and Scott talk about the need for a Biblical marriage to have both dignity and sanctity, so that G-d Himself becomes the third partner in the marriage.

(5) The Four Types of Generosity

After learning that You I Love – not I Love You – helps the me become a we, David and Scott offer the first of the three essential components of a good marriage. 

(4) A Marriage Should be Based on… Nothing?

The best marriages are based on Nothing rather than on Something – and note the capital letter N. See how Nothing is related to the new hashtag #YouILove (great T-shirt idea, by the way). Confused? Let David and Scott sort it out for you.

(3) Withdrawing the Me to Create a We

The first model of marriage in the Bible is NOT Adam and Eve; it’s God and the World. What can we learn about marriage from His relationship with us?

(2) Is a Good Marriage Even Possible?

People are different; joining together in marriage seems to be illogical.  Is a good marriage even possible? Can two people actually create something meaningful together? 

(1) The Secret of a Good Marriage

What’s the secret to having a good marriage? Join David and Scott for an investigation into how Scripture sees the joining of two souls together.

(000) Morning Drive Bible PREMIERE EPISODE

Join David Nekrutman and Scott Kahn in Jerusalem for the very first episode of MORNING DRIVE BIBLE – the Monday-Thursday podcast that gives you a daily dose of Biblical wisdom that combines depth, scholarship, and entertainment. And coffee. Seriously, what could be a better way to start your day?