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(110) Fire, Sword and Exile – and the Antidote

How exactly does the merit of the forefathers mitigate the divine punishments of fire, sword, and exile? Join David and Scott to learn about “zechut avot” – the merit of the fathers.

(109) The Spiritual Merit of Isaac

Each of the ancestors of the Jewish People contributed something unique to the Jewish story and the Israelite DNA. What was the specific merit that came from Isaac?

(108) The Spiritual DNA of the Jewish People

According to an ancient tradition, Abraham was thrown into a fiery furnace because of his faith – yet he survived. How did this moment forever affect the future of the People of Israel?

(107) The Merit of the Fathers Affects the World

Moses’ fourth argument after the sin of the golden calf is that G-d should remember the merit of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. What, exactly, is this merit, and whom does it affect? Plus: the importance of wearing seat belts, and the real-life reality of the rewind button.

(106) Prayer Versus Argument: A Meaningful Distinction or Just Semantics?

David – with great humility – agrees with Scott’s point that Moses’ third argument was actually a prayer after all; meanwhile, Scott backtracks and claims that there’s no difference between an argument and a prayer, anyway. Join the discussion and let us know what you think!

(105) “Turn Away From Your Anger”: An Argument or a Prayer?

When Moses asks G-d to “Turn Away from Your Anger, and Repent of the Evil Plan Against Your People,” is this an argument or a prayer? Join David and Scott as they hash out this Scriptural question.

BONUS EPISODE: The Bombs Launched from Gaza on November 12, 2019

As missles fall over southern and central Israel, David and Scott offer their reactions to the situation on this special bonus episode of Morning Drive Bible. Please share so that people know the truth of what’s happening in Israel.

(104) Israel’s Merits and G-d’s Needs

What is the concept of “Sanctification of the Divine Name,” what does it have to do with Israel’s mission, and how is it related to Moses’ argument to G-d not to destroy the Children of Israel after the sin of the golden calf?

(103) The Jewish Mission to the World

Are the Jewish People responsible only for each other… or also for the moral wellbeing of all humanity? Listen in to find out! (Plus: a discussion about the Jewish attitude towards the United States of America.)

(102) Who, Exactly, Worshiped the Golden Calf?

When the people saw the golden calf, the Bible reports that, “They said, ‘This is your god, O Israel, who took you up from the land of Egypt.'” (Exodus 32:4) Who is speaking? If it’s Israel, why are they seemingly speaking to themselves? If it’s not Israel, who else could it be? Tune in for the surprising answer.